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JISU Students Participate in the 25th Annual Ceremony of Friendly Exchanges between Jilin Province and Tottori Prefecture
Nov 13, 2019 10:45 AM   审核人:

On the afternoon of Nov 11, the 25th annual Ceremony of Friendly Exchanges between Jilin Province and Tottori Prefecture was held at the banquet hall of Shangri-La Hotel. Six Japanese major students from JISU were invited as student representatives for Jilin province. They gave a dubbing in Japanese, which was well received by the guests attending the ceremony.

The ceremony was rich and colorful, with all kinds of performances that reflected the integration of Chinese and Japanese culture. Japanese majors Cai Jiru and Meng Xiaoyan (Class 1703) , Yang Yueqi (Class 1801)Sun Weinan and Fan Jichang (Class 1804), as well as Japanese-English Major Yu Fengshui (Class 1901) jointly performed the clip dubbing of the Japanese anime “Detective Conan”.

Onsite Group photo of JISU students

The students said, “Tottori Prefecture is the hometown of Aoyama Gangchang, the author of Detective Conan.” It took them seven days to prepare the dubbing. Their acting skills were superb, and their dubbing was lifelike. They were highly praised by the guests attending the ceremony. After the performance, the students had a cordial exchange with the guests from Tottori Prefecture.

This ceremony fully demonstrated the professional level and youthful style of JISU students. It created conditions for them to improve their motivation for professional learning, and enhance their sense of responsibility to build a bridge for Sino-Japanese friendly cultural exchanges.



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