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Four Courses at JISU Have Been Approved as Provincial Level “Top Undergraduate Courses” Construction Projects
Nov 13, 2019 10:16 AM   审核人:

Academic Affairs Office

Recently, the Education Department of Jilin Province announced the list of the “top undergraduate courses” construction projects of colleges and universities in Jilin Province in 2019. Four courses offered by our school were selected to be on the list: International Trade Practice, Computer and Office Automation, College English and Comprehensive Japanese.

Among them, International Trade Practice was selected to be an A-level project, Computer and Office Automation a B-level project and a provincial key teaching reform and research project; College English and Comprehensive Japanese C-level projects and provincial teaching reform and research projects.

In order to select the top undergraduate courses, our university looked at a variety of offered courses and chose ones that best met the requirements issued by the Education Department of Jilin Province. This resulted in 43 courses being submitted overall and four being selected as construction projects.

Adhering to the school’s policy of providing a student-centered education, the school will focus on the construction of “top undergraduate courses” and continuously improve the quality and innovation of its courses. In this way a new standard of course quality will be set and the quality of education will continue to improve.


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