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JISU Joined the 70th Anniversary Forum of China Translation & the 2019 Annual Meeting of Translators Association of China
Nov 12, 2019 10:08 AM   Secretary of JTA 审核人:

The 70th Anniversary Forum of China Translation and the Annual Meeting of the Translators Association of China (TAC) was held in Beijing from November eighth through the tenth. Vice President Wang Jie attended the meeting on behalf of Qin He, the President of Jilin Translators AssociationJTAJISU and delivered a report of 2019 work. The Meeting announced the recipients of the 2019 Translation Culture Lifetime Achievement Awards and senior translators. Prof. Zhang Mi, Director of Italian Department at JISU, was named a "National Senior Translator".

For one year, instructed by the TAC and the Office of Foreign Affairs of Jilin province, JTA at JISU have been closely relating themselves to “the Belt and Road” Initiative and Revitalization of Old Jilin Industrial Base, and have proactively built up the international discourse system of Jilin. In order to strengthen international influence and serve for “Open Up Jilin”, it has mainly carried out the work in five aspects:

Firstly, it established a system of more training for the talents of translation in Jilin province; secondly, it served as the provincial economic and cultural exchange; thirdly, it established a clear standard for quality translation in Jilin Province; fourthly, it created a translation brand in Jilin Province; fifthly, it enhanced the research ability of Jilin Translators.

In this New Era, JTA will insist on its original goal and strive forward, continuing to boost Jilin Translation, and to make greater contributions to serve for “the Belt and Road” Initiative and Jilin Provincial Opening-up, enhancing their international discourse system, and raising awareness to the public about the abilities that translation can bring to them.

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