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Students of JISU Were Titled “Stars of Innovation and Entrepreneurship”of College Students in Jilin Province
Nov 13, 2019 10:05 AM   The School of Innovation and E 审核人:

On November 12, the Department of Education in Jilin Province released their Announcement of the List of “Stars of Innovation and Entrepreneurship” of Jilin Provincial College Students on its official website. According to the requirements, reviewed by the expert panel, one hundred students were given the title as the first “Stars of Innovation” of Jilin Province and fifty students were awarded the title as the first “Stars of Entrepreneurship”. Three students of JISU (Su Kewei, Wu Zhen and Yang Liuyi) were awarded as “Stars of Innovation”, three other students of JISU (Wang Dandan, Sun He and Yu Sichun) were awarded as “Stars of Entrepreneurship”.

To lead young people to strengthen their spirits of innovation, awareness of entrepreneurship, and abilities of both, we should make appeal to the masses to  pay more attention to and support young innovators and entrepreneurs so that a sound social atmosphere of encouraging great innovations and entrepreneurship will be formed. During the fifth "Internet +" College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition of Jilin Province, the Department of Education of Jilin province kicked off their “Star of Innovation and Entrepreneurship” Competition of Jilin Provincial Universities and Colleges. There were 542 undergraduates who participated in the competition in Jilin province.

The awards have fully proved the effectiveness of JISU’s innovation and entrepreneurship education. JISU will strengthen its construction of innovation and entrepreneurship facilities in order to integrate innovation and entrepreneurship education into the talent training system. The university will establish a better system of education based on creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship, creating a new method for cultivating highly skilled professionals.


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