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JISU won the Gold Medal in the 6th “Youth Creation” Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition of Jilin Province
Nov 9, 2019 10:15 AM   The School of Innovation and E 审核人:

On Nov. 8, the Award Ceremony of the 6th “Youth Creation” Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition of Jilin province was held in Youth Entrepreneurship Park, Jilin province. JISU created a new record high by winning two gold medals, 2 silver medals and 1 Merit Award.

It was the largest and most influential Youth Entrepreneurship Competition in Jilin province. It was hosted by the Jilin Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League, Jilin Province Internet Information Office, Jilin Province Science and Technology Department, Jilin Province Department of Industry and Information Technology, Jilin Province Human Resources and Social Security Department, Jilin Province Agriculture Department, Jilin Provincial Department of Commerce, Jilin Province Poverty Alleviation and Development Leadership Office, and the Changchun Jingyue High-tech Industrial Development Management Committee. The competition was split into different sections including a focus on agriculture and rural areas, internet, commerce, etc. The overarching theme was – “A new era of youth and entrepreneurship, a new journey of entrepreneurial pursuit of dreams”.


Li Zhenthe minister of youth development for the Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League, and Xiao Bei, dean of the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, took a photo with award-winning students.

Six JISU groups reached the finals. After professional review and public debate, among agriculture and rural areas section, the projects “Mental Travel and CharityA Village Teenager Growth Plan” made by Su Kewei under the instruction of Ran Xiangyun and Li Jun and “Sanlian AgricultureEstablishing a New Mode of Agricultural Three-industries Integration Development” made by Shi Tianyi under the instruction of Xiao Bei won gold medals. Impressively, the former project received the highest possible score. In the internet section, the programs “Douding Self-care Experience Camp” made by Song Nan under the instruction of Xiao Bei and Li Jun, and “WeifengThe Traditional Service Industry Enabler” made by Yu Wenbin under the instruction of Li Jun and Li Jianjun won silver medals. The project “Sound and Light Media Co., Ltd” made by Huang Ruiqi under the instruction of Wang Jianhui earned the Merit Award.


The project team of “Mental Travel and Charity – A Village Teenager Growth Plan”

Our university is a center for developing internationally minded and talented individuals. The professional skills they learn helps them to not only have a better future, but also serve the country’s “the Belt and Road” initiative and local economic and social development. For this purpose specifically, JISU has established the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The school aims to integrate entrepreneurship, ideology, politics, and professional skills through learning and hands-on practice to improve students’ abilities to explore new possibilities and innovate. By doing this, the school has established a supportive environment that not only increases students’ professional knowledge but also improves important practical and professional skills.


Xiao Bei, dean of the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurshipand group members from one of the projects

In 2019, JISU built an 8,000-square-meter innovation and entrepreneurship center known as Shiqiao Hall. Shiqiao Hall is a place where education, research, communication, and practical training come together to provide a great learning environment. JISU emphasizes using the best resources to educate students and has created a method of learning that is both innovative and effective.

The awards fully demonstrate that JISU has made progress in cultivating high-quality talents and JISU students devote themselves to innovation and entrepreneurship. More new facilities are currently under construction which will provide an even better educational environment for the students. The school’s educational methods are constantly growing to better incorporate creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. And as a result, both students and faculty alike are excited for what the future holds.


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