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JISU Student Wins Second Prize in the 2nd Chinese-Arabic Literature Translation Competition of the “Translation and Research Cup”
Nov 4, 2019 10:39 AM   Oriental Language School 审核人:

From the 1st to the 3rd of November, the finals of the 2nd Chinese-Arabic Literature Translation Competition of the "Translation and Research Cup" was held at Heilongjiang University. Under the guidance of Li Sijia, head of the Arabic department at JISU, Luo Tingting, a 2018 graduate student majoring in MTI in Arabic Interpretation, won second prize.


Professor Gao Yande presents the second place prizes to the winners including Luo Tingting (Third from Right)

This competition was jointly sponsored by the Chinese Culture Translation & Studies Support Network (CCTSS), the Arabic Subcommittee of Teaching Direction Committee of Foreign Language and Literature of the Ministry of Education, the Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press, and Heilongjiang University. It was also held by the School of Oriental Languages of Heilongjiang University as well as the School of Entrepreneurship. Reviewed anonymously by foreign and Chinese experts, 65 contestants, from universities such as Beijing Foreign Studies University, Shanghai International Studies University, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, reached the finals.

Professor Gao Yande, JISU’s pioneering expert of the Arabic language, was one of the jury members. At the award ceremony, Gao, on behalf of the jury members, encouraged the contestants to continue their pursuit of translation and become great translators, cultural advocates, and teachers of the Arabic language!


Photo of Instructors Li Sijia (left) and Luo Wei (right) at the awards ceremony

This competition displayed quality of personnel and training in JISU’s Arabic department as well as the students' enthusiasm for learning Arabic. Luo Tingting said with emotion: "I am deeply touched by this translation competition. Through this competition, I see that I have room to improve and I need to have a clear goal. Moving forward, I will make greater efforts to make full use of the high-quality education, teaching resources, training programs provided by my school. I will continue to practice diligently and to enhance my command of and feel for the language. This way, I will constantly improve my translation skills until I reach my goal of being a great translator.


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