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JISU Becomes one of the First International Students Training Institutes to qualify for"Chinese-African Friendship" Chinese Government Scholarship
Nov 2, 2019 10:22 AM   Source: International Exchange 审核人:

On Oct. 21, the International Cooperation and Exchange Division of the Ministry of Education announced the "Notice on the Evaluation Results of the "Chinese-African Friendship" Chinese Government Scholarship Training Program for the 2019-2020 School Year”. The “Chinese Education Talents Cultivation in Kumasi City, Ghana” was on the list. It marks that JISU became one of the first International Students Training Institutes to qualify for the "Chinese-African Friendship" Chinese Government Scholarship.

At the 2018 Chinese-African Cooperation Forum Beijing Summit, President Xi Jinpin promised that China would offer 50,000 Chinese Government Scholarships to African students. In order to fulfill this promise, enhance Chinese-African Education Cooperation and promote people-to-people exchange and mutual understanding, the Ministry of Education established the "Chinese-African Friendship” Chinese Government Scholarship for the 2019-2020 school year, encouraging young people from African countries to study in China.

JISU applied for the “Chinese Education Talents Cultivation in Kumasi City, Ghana”. This project mainly focuses on those government officials and educators who are engaging or will engage in Chinese Education of Kumasi City, a friendly cooperation city of Changchun. After selection by the Kumasi City government and Changchun government, they will be trained in JISU for 10 months to improve their comprehensive competence and teaching of Chinese. To some extent, the project will alleviate problems such as a shortage of Chinese-teaching staff and improve the teachers’ ability.

Since its founding, JISU has always held the ideals of “All our efforts are devoted to cultivating talents so as to let JISU become a bridge for cultural exchange between Chinese and Western society and provide opportunities for Chinese students to go abroad” and “targeted at students, engaging in the most responsible education” . Therefore, we seek to deepen our international education. For example, we have established friendly partnerships with over 160 universities and education institutes in more than 30 countries and regions. Every year we send over 800 students to study abroad or participate in language and cultural practice. Meanwhile, we receive more than 300 international students to study in JISU. The school places a high value on international students’ education, putting it as a strategic position of school development and has acquired great achievements.

International education in JISU was launched in 2003. To ensure the teaching quality for our international students, we have built the International Exchange Center, established the School of International Exchange and formulated varied talents cultivation plans. Moreover, JISU has designed the connotative Chinese Culture Workshop, formed extensive practical teaching platforms and held various extra-curricular cultural activities. Furthermore, we have set regulations on international students and have increased our investment so as to offer advanced teaching equipment and a good learning and living environment for our students. More than 1,000 international students from over 20 countries have come to JISU to pursue their Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree through studying Chinese and experiencing Chinese culture.

To facilitate our cultivation of international students, JISU has formulated the Interim Measures for the Administration of International Students Scholarships. We currently receive international students through scholarships such as the “Chinese Government Scholarship”, “Confucius Institute Scholarship”, “Silk Road Scholarship”, “Chinese-African Friendship Scholarship” and “Jilin Provincial Government Scholarship for International Students”. These scholarships cover three layers (school, province and country) and various full-caliber training modes.

Acquiring the qualification for the “Chinese-African Friendship Scholarship” helps JISU to enrich its international students’ scholarship system, improve our teaching quality and attract more excellent students. It is instrumental for JISU to promote internationalization of education.



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