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The Eighth Changchun Sino-Japanese College Students Cultural Festival Ceremony is Held at JISU
Oct 27, 2019 10:51 AM   News Center 审核人:

On October 27, The Eighth Changchun Sino-Japan College Students Cultural Festival Ceremony was held at JISU.

Deputy Inspector of Jilin Municipal Foreign Affairs Office,  Xue Yun attended this ceremony. Purofiru, Chief Consul of Consulate General of Japan in Shenyang, Duan Huaxu; Deputy Director of the Foreign (Overseas)Affairs Office of Changchun Municipality; Wang Jie, Vice President of JISU, the Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Changchun and Wuwumae, a chief representative of Toyota Motor Corporation in the northern areas of China delivered speeches.


The Eighth Changchun Sino-Japan College Students Cultural Festival Ceremony was opened by participants.

The ceremony was jointly sponsored by the Foreign Affairs Office of Changchun, and was co-sponsored by the Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Changchun, Changchun Japanese Teachers Association, Changchun Japanese Students Association and was organized by JISU. The year 2019 is the year for Promotion of Exchanges between Chinese and Japanese young people. The ceremony aimed to further enhance the understanding between young people in China and Japan and to promote the exchanges and cooperation.

On the morning of October 27, over 700 Chinese and Japanese students from seven universities including Jilin University, Northeast Normal University and JISU participated in this ceremony. They vividly showed the feature of languages and culture between China and Japan in terms of singing and dancing, drama, dubbing performances and other forms.


A Japanese student in China and a Chinese student host the ceremony.


JISU’s students majoring in Japanese performed a drama “Into the Forest of Fireflies' Light”.


Oversea students of Jilin University from Japan played a video called  Japanese Broadcast Gymnastics First

“With the aid of this ceremony, we hope to make more friends who are Japanese-learners and Japanese youth to exchange culture between two countries and show fruit of professional learning,” Cai Jiru (a junior majoring in Japanese at our school) said, “Without leaving JISU, I have the opportunity to participate in such international activity, which made me so excited and happy. What we showed this time is dubbing performance of Japanese. My classmates and I spent the rest time for about ten days practicing our pronunciation by following original Japanese anime and rehearsing again and again. Spoken language plays a significant role in Japanese learning. Through this ceremony, we not only practiced our spoken Japanese, excited everyone's motivation for learning, and strengthened our belief and determination to contribute to the cultural exchanges between China and Japan.”

As a training base for high-quality foreign language talents in Jilin Province, JISU actively promotes internationalization and has been cooperating in an all-around way with 160 universities in 30 countries and regions. Currently, JISU has established friendly cooperative relations with more than ten Japanese universities. The two countries have exchanged students for study and carried out educational cooperation in various fields and at a deeper level. In October 2013, the "Undergraduate Education Exchanges between China and Japan Base" in the Global Village was officially established in the Japan pavilion of the Global Village. With the help of naming the global village as the "World Multicultural Education Center" by UNESCO, it has developed a variety of educational and cultural activities with the Japanese government, universities, enterprises and educational organizations, and built an important platform for the extensive exchanges between Chinese and Japanese college students.


The tea ceremony of Japan


The tea ceremony of China

During a tea culture ceremony between China and Japan, teachers of Seminar for Tea Culture in Changchundiscussed the integration of Confucianism and tea culture, Taoism and tea culture, Zen and tea culture. Kunimi Keiko, a lecturer of tea ceremony of Urasenke showed the Chinese and Japanese traditional tea ceremony and invited Chinese and Japanese youth to taste the tea and enjoy the different flavors of the two countries' tea culture.

Duan Huaxu, Deputy Director of the Foreign Affairs Office of Changchun, said, “Youth is the fresh strength for cultural exchanges. I hope this ceremony can be a platform for Chinese and Japanese in Changchun to promote realization and friendly exchanges to provide a new motivation for Changchun to form open and inclusive foreign exchanges. I expect college students to fully showed courage and enthusiasm of youth in the ceremony to strengthen friendship, and progress together and to provide a new motivation for friendship between China and Japan as a new generation of Sino-Japanese friendly exchange messengers.”


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