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The Commemoration for International Translation Day & the 2nd Jilin Province Multilingual (Written) Translation Contest Was Held at JISU
Oct 27, 2019 10:22 AM   Secretary of JTA 审核人:

On October 26, commemoration for the International Translation & the Awarding Ceremony of the 2nd Jilin Province Multilingual (Written) Translation Contest was held at JISU.

Present at the ceremony were officials and experts from the Jilin Provincial Government and Translators Association of China & Expert Committee.

The competition involved five languages (English, Japanese, Russian, Spanish and Korean), attracting 675 participants from various universities and colleges in Jilin province. In the end, 95 of them became winners of this contest. Together with Changchun Normal University and Northeast Electric Power University, JISU was given the “Outstanding Organization Award”.

International Translation Day is a worldwide festival for all interpreters and translators. This year’s theme is “Translation and indigenous languages, emphasizzing that translation should be based on indigenous culture”. The contest was hosted by the Jilin Translators Association and organized by the Tokyo Institute of Science and Company, Changchun Jiyu Translation Lt. Corporation, Huaqiao Translation Lt. Company and the Shizong School. It was also deeply supported by the Translators Association of China.

Ren Xiaopin, the standing director of the Translators Association of China and part of the English Expert Committee of the Chinese Accreditation Test for Translators and Interpreters (CATTI), delivered a thematic report.


In the “JISU Cup” English translation contest, our students Chen Chen and Yang Xianglong won second prize and Han Xintong and 3 others won the Merit Award.


In the “Tokyo Institute Cup” Japanese translation contest, our students Liu Bingjie won second prize, Jiao Ruiqi won third prize, and Cao Yu and the other student won the Merit Award.


In the “Jiyu Translation Cup” Russian translation contest, He Yaoxin won second prize, Sun Xiyu and three other students won Third Prize and Yang Xuelian and three others won the Merit Award.


In the “Huaqiao Cup” Spanish translation contest, Houyurong won first prize, Qiu Yan and Du Qiawen won second prize, Li Longxiang won third prize, and Lu Can and two other people won the Merit Award.


In the “Shizong School Cup” Korean translation contest, Li Xiaohan won first prize, You Yuqing and Zhang Yuxian won second prize, and Li Sixue and two others won third prize. Shi Jingwen and another won the Merit Award.

Specializing in providing quality education regarding foreign languages, culture, and affairs, our school has 15 foreign language tracks, 36 undergraduate majors and 15 foreign language majors, covering 5 disciplines including humanities, economics, management, education and art. In addition, the school has five professional master's degree programs and one first-class master's degree program, including 25 professional fields, of which the translation master's degree covers nine languages.

As our leading specialty, the translation major effectively equips talented language learners with a strong command on foreign languages and cross-cultural skills. Students from this major often win first prize in professional national translation competitions. For the sixth consecutive year, our students earned first place in the “Chinese Translation Cup” National English Interpretation Competition in Jilin. These successes have been due to their high level of skill and hard work as well as the quality of the translation professors at JISU who guide them.

JISU has become many things. It’s an example of successful private-sector higher education reform in China. It’s a valuable center for inter-cultural education and exchange. It’s also a distinctive multi-lingual education center offering the most languages out of any university in Northeast China. And moving forward, JISU will undoubtedly continue to make important contributions to Jilin province, China and its “Belt and Road” initiative, and the world as a whole.


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